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publisher: academy of fine arts münster

editors: clara napp, carola uehlken 

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first edition: 300 books

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Bahar Taheri, Marze Por Gohar, exhibition catalogue with Jan Enste,

Manuel Talarico and Leijla Aliev (FAK 2013)

copyright 2013 förderverein aktuelle kunst münster, the artists, photographers and authors 

publishers: FAK münster

editors: carola uehlken, jan enste, manuel talarico & lejla aliev

graphic design: F R E I E S P R O J E K T




To Dig Wholes, Klötzler & Uehlken, 2014


with texts by

William Bennett, Per Hüttner, Gisa Pantel, Markus W. R. Heim,

Elena Frieda Müller, Maarten Van Roy, JAE PAS,

Andy Strauß, Tim Woodward

copyediting by

Antonia Müller-Laackman

self-published KLÖTZLER & UEHLKEN, 2014. All Rights reserved. Printed in Germany


Only 5 books of this kind are existing, so we do more but different.