was founded in 2013 and questions artistic labor in general. In order to find a way to collaborate they started digging.

They found a variety on shared interests such as music, language, sound, abstracts, extracts and the potential of misunderstandings. 

Since 2015 they focus on paranormal activities and their influence on the value of Real Estate in different cultures and situations. 




started in China with artist Arthur Debert in 2015. It is based on the idea that the humankind already has a precise image of the future

through anticipation. Written in novels, realised in science fiction movies, architecture appears and reappears in the virtual to become alife.

The Center for Moirology is interested in the gamekeepers keeping old ideas alive and in the social and economic conditions depending on technology.

They create theatre plays reflecting on architectorial projects rising especially in the cultural and museal environment.