CAROLA UEHLKEN, born 1986 in Germany, works as an artist, curator and writer and is currently based in Berlin.  Spying in the inner circles of groups that are responsible for economical and cultural growth, Carola Uehlken searches for possibilities to understand global relationships. After curatorial trips to Prishtina, Teheran and India she mainly focussed on the money-mythos China (since 2014) and its specific conditions between business and art. Her artistic practice in the medias film, installation, sound and new medias is strongly connected to her writing and her curatorial work. Transgressions in different languages serve as potentials to create subjective often humorisly coloured narrations. Closely related to these reflections on communication, she started working on detective strategies as a research practice.


She realises art projects with the collective KLÖTZLER & UEHLKEN founded in 2013 in Münster, Germany. Since June 2017 she is directing the project space BABEL in Berlin, Wilmersdorf together with Arthur Debert. 



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THE MOBILE HOUSE TURNS WITH THE SUN, Niklas Goldbach, Verena Issel, Martijn In 't Veld, Marion Orfila, House of Egorn, Berlin (group)

HANGZHOU HOPE TRANSLATION AGENCY, with Arthur Debert, Lola Göller, Benjamin Zuber, studio Göller, Berlin (group)

PIERRE-FEUILLE-DRAPEAU: ATTAQUE SUR LE MONDE RÉEL, screening with Arthur Debert: Ismail Bahri, Ma Ming, Shana Moulton, Pilvi Takala, Wermke / Leinkauf, Musique Volantes, Metz  (France)

IF I WERE A HOUSE, publication with Arthur Debert in the program KONTAKT #30 by Alex Chevalier

LELAB I, Art Festival: Arthur Debert, Lola Göller, Benjamin Zuber, Hu Renyi, Offshore College Shanghai, Paul Devouture, Yilan XIa, Li Ming, Ma Yongfeng, Ning Zuohong, Yuan Yuan, Wang Zhibo, Wang Xin, amongst others (group)

Director of project space BABEL, Berlin with Arthur Debert, program:

BABEL V: Michael Pohl (solo)

BABEL VI: Sara Brjarnadottir (solo)

BABEL VII: Tiphaine Calmettes, Chen Hangfeng, Franziska Klötzler, Hanwei Li, Vincent Scheers, Club Sandwich, Saverio Tonoli, Ma Yongfeng (group)

CONNECTING... , with Lola Göller, Benjamin Zuber & Arthur Debert, SPZ Prague

Associate Director at House of Egorn Gallery, Berlin 


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Director of project space BABEL, Berlin and LELAB, Hangzhou, with Arthur Debert, program:

BABEL I: John Andrew, Daniel Bickett, Arthur Debert (group)

BABEL II: Kyoung Jae Cho, Isak Han, special guest Soja Juretschko (duo)

BABEL III: John Andrew, Brad Henkel, Nana Pi Aabo Larsen, Andreas Hoem Roysum (concert, new music)

BABEL IV: Capucine Vandebroeck, Marion Orfila, Dietrich Meyer, Lola Göller (group)

CATS, BUCKETS & ROPES, critical group, with Karolina Lossa, Daniel Bickett, Chris Mc Kelway, Arthur Debert and invited guests, ongoing project 


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NEUSCHWANSTEIN, Performance, with Arthur Debert, Depot 4.9 - Nachrichten aus der Gegenwart 2

(News from the Present 2), Kunsthallen Rottstraße, Bochum


I LOST MY PHONE IN SEOUL - KUNST-SPIONAGE UND INTROSPEKTION, Lecture in the Academy of Fine Arts, Nuremberg

HOUSE OF EGORN, Berlin, Gallery Management 


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Head of the curatorial department at LIAN Contemporary Art Space, Shanghai, program:

FALSE FIRMAMENT / 空, solo show: Berndnaut Smilde (Amsterdam), 

LIGHT GAP / 隙光, solo show: Li Qing (Beijing)

THE COOLING EFFECT /冷却塔, solo show: Mou huan (Beijing, Düsseldorf)

DRINKING A DRINK, SINKING A SHIP / 看一看 想一想, group show, in cooperation with V Art Center, cac Chronus Art Center,

Goethe Institute, Shanghai, artists: Catherina Cramer, Nicholas Grafia, Susanne Griem, René Haustein, Niklas Heidemann,

Philipp Höning, Daniel Hundt, Seungyho Jung, Sumi Kim, Christian Klement, Luisa Kömm, Johannes Leßke, Sebastian Liebl,

Ill Jong Park, Jan Partke, Roman Podeszwa, Hanna Schneider, Meike Schulze-Hobeling, Stephanie Sczepanek, Katharina Siemeling,

Vakho Sikharulidze, Kyoung Jae Cho, Manuel Talarico


Talk at the independant art space festival 2015, I Project Space, Beijing

PER SE, solo show: Nina Schuiki (Berlin), Oh la Art Space, People Square, Shanghai

INTER-YOUTH, group show with curators Ma Nan (Hangzhou) & Sheng Zi (Hangzhou), 

International art award in the Museum of China Academy of Arts (Hangzhou)

SNAKE 2.0, summer program with solo positions, bcp Bazaar Compatible Program (Shanghai), artists:

Katy Roseland (Shanghai), Jiang Jun (Beijing), Wong Dan (Shanghai), bcp Bazaar Compatible Program, Anshun Lu, Shanghai

SNAKE, summer program with curator Sun Qidong (Shanghai), artists: Gao Shan (Shanghai), René Haustein (Düsseldorf),

Inga Krüger (Duesseldorf), Gisa Pantel (Kopenhagen), Wang Hongfeng (Shanghai), Wu Ding (Shanghai), Zhang Mai (Shanghai),

Daniel Kiss (Cologne), bcp Bazaar Compatible Program, Anshun Lu, Shanghai

TALKSHOW, performance, with Wang Xin (shanghai) and Katy Roseland (Shanghai), Moca Pavillon, Shanghai

SÖYLE BÖYLE, sound-performance, KLÖTZLER & UEHLKEN, depot 4.9, Muenster

SEARCHING FOR THE BEAST WITHIN THE ARTS, Lecture from Berlin based artist Egill Saebjörnsson, organised for Chronus Art Center,

Shanghai, in collaboration with Goethe Institute

CCOOPS, ON COOPERATION, artist book, self-published with Clara Napp, Leipzig

ZERO ZERO ONE, text for THE COOLING EFFECT, exhibition-catalog, selfpublished, LIAN Contemporary Art Space, Shanghai

CAROLA Interview with editor Chen Zhou, published in [soft], Shanghai

THE CHINESE (C)DREAM, text for Scope Magazine (issue_013), Beijing

COSMOS curatorial assistance for artistic director LI ZHENHUA the annual exhibition of Minsheng 21st Century Museum of Art, Shanghai


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WATCH YOUR STEPS, group show, Minsheng Art Museum & bcp Bazaar Compatible Program, Anshun Lu, Shanghai, 

artists: Ash Moniz (Kanada), Felix Kalmenson (Kanada), Hu Weiyi (Shanghai), Wong Man (Shanghai),

Double Fly Art Center (China), Wang Xin (Shanghai), Ruben Gaehrken (Muenster), Soeren Beineke (Muenster)


Lecture at the Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai

RING AROUND THE DOWSER, solo show: Tim Woodward (Brisbane, Australia), Geographical Museum of Muenster, 

in collaboration with the team of FAK13 and a text by Prof. Gianmaria Zamagni

ALLEREIN (ALL-IN), group show, sound-performance, KLÖTZLER & UEHLKEN, Municipal Ruller-Haus EV, Rulle

TRIAD, solo show, installation + book release (To dig Wholes), KLOETZLER & UEHLKEN, Academy of Fine Arts, Muenster

A COMPANIA DI POVEGLIA, group show, performance, KLÖTZLER & UEHLKEN in collaboration with jazz musicians

David Boato and Francesco Sucal, Venice, shown at Reset Festival 5, Muenster

TO DIG WHOLES, artist catalog (issue_01), KLÖTZLER & UEHLKEN, self-published, Muenster


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GOYS AND BIRLS, group show with curator Clara Napp (Muenster), In collaboration with the specialist conference:

Inside. Outside. Others. The body in the work of Gilles Deleuze and Michel Foucault. Academy of Fine Arts, Muenster, 

artists: Bettina Dettmer & Willi Kramer (Muenster), Ivan Geddert (Duesseldorf), Betsy Flock & Jan Partke (Muenster, Cologne),

Gisa Pantel (Copenhagen), Egill Saebjoernsson (Berlin), Anne Staab (Muenster), Benjamin Zuber (Berlin)

CURATOR AT PROJECT SPACE FAK13 MUENSTER with Lejla Aliev, Manuel Talarico and Jan Enste, 

artists: Bahar Taheri (Teheran), Shana Moulton (New York), Alban Muja (Prishtina), Tim Woodward (Brisbane)

fak13 Foerderverein for Contemporary Arts, Muenster in collaboration with ifa Institute for Foreign Relationship,

Cinema Muenster, Geological Museum Muenster, Sparkasse Muensterland-Ost, Institute for Cultural Affairs, Muenster

هگرپزرم (MARZ-E POR GOHAR) exhibition catalog, artist: Bahar Taheri, FAK Foerderverein for contemporary art, Muenster

YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS CHURCH, FAK13 Münster, Funeral of the exhibition program with a performance by Shana Moulton

and music by Walking Blues Prohets, FAK and Gaststätte Kranefeld, Münster


artist: Daniel Lergon, Salon Kennedy, Frankfurt

TEXTE ZUR KUNST image-editorial voluntary (edition nr.90: „Wie wir arbeiten wollen (how we wanna work)“, Berlin


R e s e a r c h

TIMSIOARA / Rumania, 2017

SHANGHAI/BEIJING funded by PROMOS (ministry for research and education), 2014

TEHERAN funded by Sparkasse Muensterland-Ost, 2013

PRISHTINA funded by ifa Institute for Foreign Relationship, 2013