A MULTI SENSORIC GUIDED TOUR through the Mines at Outokumpu, Finland







The architecture at the Mine in Outokumpu is a stage for a guided tour connecting baroque philosophy, history, music and art with the tunnels, the earth, the minerals and the surrounding area at the mine. Introducing dance, poetry, music and food, we will drink glitter and gold and let it run through our veins. The womb of the mine connects to our bodies, our breath and our movements and leaves us in states of awe. We guide you through this interdisciplinary experience, through your senses and look forward to share our thoughts on the so called ‘ornamental kitsch period’ baroque and test its actual capacities together.


Old Mine Residency, Outokumpu, Finland

18 September 2020


The project is co-produced by Morgondagens Konstpublik and Vision Forum and is supported by Nordic Culture Fund,  Nordic Culture Point and The Swedish Arts Council. 

Sara Gurevitsch is a dancer and choreographer from Finland. Sara explores the relationality of body and mind, paring living with non-living materials. By paying attention to sensing as a primary way of communication she enacts with changing environments and formulates interactions. She re-defines choreography through presentations and installations by assembling bodies, matter, situations and landscapes. Sara has worked in Denmark, Finland and Sweden in various groupings as a dancer and choreographer, i.e. with the choreographer Russell Dumas (AU) ‚Dance exchange‘ 2007- 2013. She has worked in several dance institutions and collaborated with different state funded organizations in Finland, i.e. Sibelius Academy and the Finnish National Opera ballet school.

Carima Neusser is based in Stockholm. She is a choreographer, performer and artist and works with interdisciplinary projects that take their starting point in dance and choreography. Her practice spreads over an expanded field where she interacts with visual arts, architecture, neuroscience, fashion, music, VR and stage technology. Within collaborations in different international and national contexts she has presented her work at dance theaters, galleries, museums, music festivals among others. She recently toured her collaborative piece Transversal Madness, in Mexico City at Dia D, Cuernavaca at F4Libre and at Satyrianas festival in Sao Paulo and presented Ghetto Gucci at The 6th Ghetto Biennial in Port au Prince as part of the project Revolution Hub. In 2019 she presented Baroque Architecture and Submission at Dansens Hus, Stockholm.

John Andrew Wilhite-Hannisdal is a composer and double bassist living in Oslo, Norway. He works with musicians and artists in both Europe and the Americas, performing and creating a variety of projects that both develop new techniques and reframe older and neglected material. In the US, J.A. collaborates with musicians and composers such as Derek Baron and Elliott Sharp, while in Europe he works with Katt Hernandez, Andreas Røysum, and others. He is also active creating music and sound for theater and dance performances, notably collaborating with playwright Finn Iunker. John Andrew's projects draw on material from as far ranging sources as eastern european folk music, apartment houses in the early united states, children songs written by Theodor Adorno, and the mating calls of codfish.