Niklas Goldbach

Verena Issel

Marion Orfila

Martijn in 't Veld


curated by Carola Uehlken

24 November - 22 December 2018

House of Egorn Gallery, Berlin 


"The Mobile House Turns with the Sun" is a quote from Ivan Chtcheglov's "Formulary for a New Urbanism" written in 1953 under his pseudonym Gilles Ivain. This text, both poetic and theoretical, foundational to the Situationist International movement, was consequently published in 1958. The visionary text set the tone for Guy Debord and the Situationists in their early phase: aspects of urbanism, urban space, transit and flexible forms. The manifest asked for a total transformation of everyday life and structural elements of social environments of individuals.

The exhibition brings together four distinctive perspectives regarding landscape and urban structures. Niklas Goldbach, Verena Issel, Marion Orfila & Martijn in 't Veld develop sensible questions throughout the mediums photography, video, print, text and installation. References range from the over 2000 years old Nazca Lines carved into the rocky landscape of Peru and end with today's traffic lines in California City being remnants of one of the world's biggest failed urban planning projects on the planet. How can we imagine ourselves in illogical circumstances?


„We are bored in the city, there is no longer any Temple of the Sun.“ Ivan Chtcheglov