Tiphaine Calmettes, Chen Hangfeng, Franziska Klötzler, Li Hanwei,

Vincent Scheers, Saverio Tonoli, Ma Yongfeng, Club Sandwich


A Shape from a mould -

Control of water over

Space and property. 


Resistance against -

The wall against the colours.

Mould kills resources.


Mould brings resources,

Has the power to destroy. 

The generator. 


Someone at the door

She says it was raining,

Everything flooded. 

BABEL VII - Sara Björg Bjarnadóttir 


We will play.

Play is a natural process.

Whatever is alive has its source of movement within itself.

Play is not an action of subjectivity but is a release from subjectivity.

What fascinates humans about conscious play is the paradoxical way

it allows them to feel free by actually restraining them.


Sara Björg Bjarnadóttir exhibits an installation in addition to a performance developed with a group of performers:

Chloe Kwiatkowski, Guðrún Benónýsdóttir, Ingileif Franzdóttir Wechner, Michael-David Blostein, Sigurrós Eiðsdóttir, Sigrún Gyða, Simon Bittner

BABEL V - Michael Pohl


First off: We pay a price for everything. 1 You will almost always need as much as is available to you. 2 A successful change of style from a stately Altbau‘s charme is combined with a modern concept of living, creating a unique living environment. 3 The private rooms, here a bedroom, a dressing room and a luxurious full bathroom with Hammam surfaces. 4 How many entrepreneurs do you know, that have no time for vacation, family or just for reading a good book, because their enterprises keep them too busy? 5 This concept of space is flooded with light and accentuated by large window fronts. 6 Should you buy stocks? Which ones? When and where? What percentage of your assets should be in stocks? 7 The extravagant interiour architecture is a symbol for creating the perfect urban luxury home, for the upper-class individualist. 8 Do you want to make six figures with your passion-business? 9 3794775.1224411_exp/







Babel IV 

Marion Orfila, Capucine Vandebrouck, Lola Göller, Dietrich Meyer 


Concrete exists to construct

Chlorophyll protects, nourishes, vitalises and heals

Water also drips into interiors

Flowers are for pots

Pyramids are forever

Concrete is there to be broken


Babel III 

Babel II

Babel I