Watch your steps, installation view, Minsheng Art Museum & bazaar Compatible Program, Shanghai, 2014


After the first 6 weeks of research on the influences of the art market on art production in Shanghai I lived between two art spaces 700 meters distanced. The Minsheng Art Museum is an art space in the Red Town Sculpture Park owned by the first privatised bank Chinas, the Minsheng Bank. The Bazaar Compatible Program is a project based space in a traditional Chinese market, with shops, shoe makers, meet, fish, vegetables and everything one could possibly think of necessary for a household. Interested in this cross between commercial space, but public open art space and closed art space but funded privately by a bank institution interested me. I invited artists I met during my stay and wondered about coinci-dences, conspiracies and in which ways money is taking control. 



Design by FMD, Frank Martin Dietrich