Watch your steps, installation view, Minsheng Art Museum & bazaar Compatible Program, Shanghai, 2014



Ash Moniz & Felix Kalmenson  (ADL)

Hu Weiyi

Wang Man

Double Fly Art Center

Wang Xin

Ruben Gaehrken

Sören Beineke


graphik design: efemde

music: Mai Mai 

Bazaar Compatible Program &  Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai, 2014


In an one-day art-event artists from Canada, Germany and China are showing their works in the Minsheng Art Museum and at the bazaar compatible program in Shanghai. The distance between the spaces is about 700 meters. The audience is asked to go back and forth  in order to discuss about the value of art in this two very different venues. The Minsheng Art Museum is one of Shanghai‘s

oldest art spaces. It opened about 30 years ago and is owned by the first privatised bank Chinas, the Minsheng Bank. The BCP bazaar compatible program is a project space on a traditional Chinese market, where one can buy meet, fish, vegetables, go to the shoe maker or the hair cutter and get everything one could possibly think of. The crossover between an art space in a commercial market building and a white cube financed by a bank served as a platform for the group show Watch your Steps 小心台阶. We shared works and thoughts about the professionalisation as artists and money in general.

The show included a lecture performance about the value decrease of money clips on online sales platforms by Felix Kalmenson and Ash Moniz (ADL) at the museum, which in video format then was sold through an auction on the way to the market. Fake money was produced to celebrate the 6th anniversary of the art collective Double Fly Art Center, a video by Wang Man pushing a weapon bullet back and forth while kissing his male partner demonstrated the power of sex and relationships, paintings by Sören Beineke were installed like towels hanging from the ceiling at the market. Wang Xin installed an art and psychology driven installation, and an actor performing the „sexy“ art market through songs, pills and games. We had a painted canvas cut into name cards to be puzzled by Ruben Gärken reacting on the business driven communication in Shanghai and a performance by Hu Weiyi, keeping the audience away from the exhibition. The moving night ended with a post rock concert by Mai Mai. 


funded by LIAN Cultural Development and Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai