Italienske Palatset, Växjö, Sweden

12 - 15 March 2020


Every human being has over one kilogram of microorganisms in the gut. We live in symbiosis with them and they are necessary

for digestion and many other life supporting bodily processes. The microbes can live without us, but without them we die. 

The Nature Within draws a special attention on how microbes affect different forms of human behavior

including our feelings, personality and sense of wellbeing.  The research on microbes is quickly changing our understanding

of how our bodies work and what a human being is. We can say that the view on each person is shifting from being

seen an individual, to be seen as ecosystems.

Vision Forum organises half a dozen international and interdisciplinary performance workshops that investigate how nature expresses

itself inside our bodies and how we can practice to become more in tune with these processes. Many will include public work-in-progress

presentations where the audience becomes engaged in the performances.