Glossary of Rotating Actions

Janine Eggert & Ash Moniz

03 August - 15 September 2019  


KELDER is pleased to host Glossary of Rotating Actions, a two-person project that simultaneously explores the politics and aesthetics of global logistics and maritime trade. The container ship as subject are present in both Janine Eggert and Ash Moniz’s practices and through this project they present their diverse responses to this contentious vessel. Ash Moniz references the archive in his exploration of the Wapping Coal Riots of 1798 and focusses on the identities of those who suffered at the hands of the men tasked with the protection of goods. He investigates the relationship between the materiality of evidence and the materiality of cargo, considering that the inventory shaped the subjecthood of the criminal and the preventive police as we know it today. Janine Eggert investigates the aesthetic and formal qualities of the container and is interested by the development of repetitive motifs in industrial design. Her current curiosity lies with utilitarian racks created to protect freight from theft or damage caused by vermin.

Both artists follow different threads that stem from the abstraction of the containership and in doing so confront us with that which is rarely witnessed but heavily present through its absence – the protection of global trade.

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